Weightlifting, or Olympic Weightlifting is a technical, strength/power sport which requires excellent coordination, flexibility, balance, speed and of course strength. Often confused with general lifting of weights, this discipline carries its own techniques which when practiced correctly can bring many benefits to the athlete such as decreasing body fat, build muscles full-body, increase your overall strength and reduce injury.

We have created and manage the Victoria Weightlifting Club. Find out more.

Victoria Weightlifting Club

Do you want to get stronger? Compete in the Olympic lifts? Or simply add some fun and technique to your training regimen? Consider joining the Victoria Weightlifting Club (VWC). It was created in 2017 for elite Olympic athletes in Seychelles to have a platform for support and training.

What we do

  • Develop and promote weightlifting and fitness in Seychelles

  • Develop in people the interest and dedication for better health fitness through proper health nutrition and weight training
  • Conduct and organise certificates, training and programs for athletes, coaches and judges.

  • Develop programs to target all ages and to promote the culture of weightlifting and fitness

No experience is required to join the club. Our coaches and athletes will be happy to help you along and will teach you these explosive movements and help you learn what is required to aid in your athletic development.

Want to become a member?

  • Admission fee: SCR 120
  • Membership fee: Members are required to pay a monthly membership fee which is normally decided at the General Meeting.
  • Location: coming soon!
  • When: coming soon!
  • Minimum age and categories: coming soon!


Our national competition calendar is coming soon, but here’s the international one in the meantime.

Elite Weightlifting Athletes

Elite Weightlifting Athlete

Clementina Ciana Agricole (born 18 July 1988) is a Seychellois female weightlifter, competing in the 58kg and 63 kg category, representing Seychelles at international competitions.

In 2017 she ranked amongst the top 10 athletes in the world in 63 kg category in Snatch, the top 3 athletes in the world in 63 kg category in Clean & Jerk and top 6 athletes in the world in 63 kg category for the total.

Find out more about Clementina's yearly training gear requirements.

Read more about Clementina here.

Clementina Agricole Seychelles
Clementina Agricole Seychelles
Clementina Agricole Seychelles

Spotlight on Janet Georges

Janet Marie Georges (born Janet Marie Thelermont, 5 January 1979) is a Seychellois female weightlifter. Competing in the 69 kg division, she won two medals at the Commonwealth Games, in 2006 and 2010. She was named Female Lifter of the Year by the Seychelles Weightlifting Committee on 13 occasions and has been Sportswoman of the Year at the Seychelles Sports Awards in 2002, 2004, 2006 and 2010.

Georges is also a gold medalist in the IOIG 2003, 2007, 2011 and 2015 games.

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