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"Science & Sport" was created in 2013, it is a registered association under the reference A431180, our objective is to facilitate the professional insertion and create jobs for every one having a general or specific qualification in sport and promoting High Sport Level, Health and Education.

Science and Sport intend to:

  • Provide training and advice in sport and especially in high sport level, we are targeting to help Seychellois athletes to bring Gold medals.
  • Promote health and physical practice.
  • Create and develop activities in connection with education.

The foundation of the association is:

  • The professionalism, managing project, collaboration.
  • Sports engineering, design and teaching.

"Science & Sport" is recognized to receive donation.

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Science & Sport
P.O. Box 987
Victoria, Mahé, Seychelles



Science & Sport is a registered association which aims to promote sports, health and education. Our passion has always been to deliver quality training to athletes in Seychelles and France, helping them reach unimaginable levels of performance.

Location : Seychelles

Lieu : France

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