Victoria Weightlifting Club

“Victoria Weightlifting Club” was created in 2017, it is a registered association under the reference A431412, the objectives of the VWC are:

1. To develop, promote the Sport of Weightlifting and Fitness in Seychelles.
2. To develop in people the interest and dedication for better health fitness through proper health nutrition and weight training.
3. To develop Programs to target all ages, to promote the culture of weightlifting and fitness.
4. To conduct/organize Certificate, Training and Programs for athletes, coaches and judges.
5. To collaborate with Sport Authority to help in the promotion of well-being and fitness.
6. To develop and promote athletes, to participate in Local and International Competitions.
7. To represent and protect the interest and welfare of the Members.
8. To organize Competitions and Tournaments and ensure that these are conducted according to International Rules, (IWF).
9. To solicit, receive and accept subscriptions, donations and gifts for the purpose of the Club.
10. To do such other things as may be conducive or incidental for better attainment of the Objectives of the Club.

Each Member who subscribe to VWC Constitution, shall pay an admission Fee of SCR 120 or such other sum as may be fixed by the Committee from time to time. Members shall pay a monthly Membership Fee which shall be fixed by the General Meeting.
Full Members are adults (aged 18 and above), with full rights.
Junior Members (below the age of 18), shall/can compete in Junior Events but do not have the right to vote.

The Chairman of VWC is Mr Zaher HAMDAN
The Treasurer of VWC is Miss Clementina AGRICOLE
The Secretary of VWC is Mrs Janet GEORGES