Contribution Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility Tax (CSR Tax) is to provide and promote the sense of social engagement, that tax represent 0.5% of the annual turnover, it is due if the turn over is annually above SCR 1,000, 000.

The CSR Tax payable by person is allowed to be offset at a rate of 0.25% against donations, sponsorships or projects funding paid during the current year of payment to approved associations. Our association is approved by the Minister of Finance to receive these taxes.

If you not accountable for CSR Tax our association is also approved as a charitable organization and is able to receive gifts and donations. Your donation will be reduce from your Trades Tax, Values Added Tax, Business Tax, Excise Tax and Income & Non Monetary Benefit Tax.

Science and Sport keeps proper records which may be required for audit purposes by the Seychelles Revenue Commission, the Ministry of Finance, Trade and Investment or the Auditor General.